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Ned of Title Fight
→My favorite piece of writing on Jordan Dreyer's blogspot.


maybe it’s destruction aesthetics but
i can’t help myself.
there’s just something beautiful in the way that all walls fall down or
get knocked over when we don’t need the shelter anymore.
how all rooms change color with the shifting of the scenery and
absolutely nothing ever stays the same it…


I feel infinite, but grandpa feels alone
Forgetting faces.
And when mother says I’m proud of you,
There isn’t ever much time left.

They say
He can’t remember your uncle, can
You imagine? And he shakes the same way
every time he can’t finish that story, the
One he always finished so well.
They say he’s dying now.
Can you imagine?
There isn’t ever much time. But,

We’ll stop playing dress up when
The pictures have all flashed themselves and faded.
That slow walk never stops
Speeding up,
So pile up your tuxes
On the dresses, if we give
Ourselves to flesh we won’t fail.

Off of Jordan Dreyer’s blogspot.



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